Electronic performance support, is a particularly effective means of training when releasing new

software platforms, processes and procedures within large organizations.

(source 70:20:10 towards 100% performance, Sutler Media).

knowhedge LEGO is a technological solution used by knowhedge consultants  to optimize Learning through Engagement & Guidance when you have to On board staff  on new software platforms or new Standard Operation Procedures and Processes (SOPs).


Thie LEGO Solution lets you:

- automatically generate training materials in multiple formats (e.g. video , pdf, word, DITA XML) in multiple languages

- provide live real-time support seamlessly integrated within any 3rd party software application during roll out (e.g. CRM, ERP, LMS, PLM,...)

- program contextual robo advisors able to understand what the user wants to do within the software workflow and provide just in time rule based reasoning supporting users while tracking and monitoring their experiences.