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We are entering a new learning and development revolution where machines are starting to take over human tasks in what many call the fourth industrial revolution, that of digital transformation and cyberphysical workplaces.


The role of people is rapidly being redefined. Not long ago we depended on people’s knowledge for many things and we focused on using computers to  teach and train our employees to know the answers.


Today, just as during the first three  industrial revolutions, machines are getting smarter, not only affecting the way people can work and collaborate together but taking over even more of their work.


Machines are now learning by humans how to do the work and possibly reaching new cognitive levels towards self regulated autonomy  and behaviour.


In the next decade IT and Training Managers will have to work much closer toegther to jointly manage Human and Robotic Resources,  freeing human resources from repetitive tasks and making them develop the right  skills they need to have to use the machines in the right way to be more productive and efficient .

Are you ready? 

knowhedge™ consultants help you enter the  HRRM (Human & Robotic Resources Management) era, working together to understand how machines may help humans and how humans may teach machines to help them even further. 

Let us  support you and your people with  a strong change management approach to make your digital transformation towards the fourth industrial revolution a smooth and painless transition.

We are here to help.

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