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Fabrizio Cardinali - Principal Consultant, 

Human, Robotic  & Machine Learning

Fabrizio is one of the world's leading executives in human and machine learning technologies, solutions and standards.

Although human learning is his main field of interest, Fabrizio was one of Europe's first degreed professionals in AI, Programming Logic  and Cognitive technologies in the late 80s.
Since then Fabrizio has led the set up, international expansion and sell out of leading digital companies  dealing with Human learning & Training and Industry 4.0 robotic automation solutions.

Today he is the founder and CEO of knowhedge which he conceived and launched to aggregate world leading professionals who after working with human training for more than a couple of decades are now looking into how machine learning & robotic automation may help us free human time, improve human performance, and advance human leadership in the race against the machine. Before its too late.

Fabrizio acts as invited expert from the European Union (Open Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning Units) on new exponential technologies and Open Innovation

If you are interested on the topic of man-machine co-existance and a fair view to singularity please comment on Fabrizio's blog post at

For knowhedge Fabrizio leads the consulting practice dealing with IoT, Machine Learning and RPA solutions for workplace Training, Automation, Safety and Well Being optimization.

Giancarlo Bo - Principal Consultant,

(Micro)Services Based Architectures

Giancarlo is a leading expert in the design of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) integrating Wearable, VR/AR, Mobile, ITV and other key enabling technologies for exponential disruption in workplace training, safety and well being .

Other the last 15 years Giancarlo has led SOA design within very large EU RD initiatives amongst which MOBIlearn, where he designed next-generation paradigms and interfaces for technology supported learning in a mobile SOA exploring the potential of ambient Intelligence ( , Wearit@Work, where he contributed to the definition of a open wearable computing framework at the Industry workplace ( and  Rehab@Home where he supported the blending of IoT microservices within a game based environment for in home medical  rehabilitation (

Today Giancarlo is a consultant in exponential technology and open innovation, R&D project management, usability and interactive systems design expert, member of the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society.

For knowhedge Giancarlo leads the consulting practice addressing the design of (micro)service based architectures with IoT edge delivery into Industrial, HealthCare and Smart Cities outfits.



At knowhedge we have access to a worldwide network of  expert consultants in exponential technologies capable to deeply disrupt the way Human, Robots & Machines learn, work and co-operate in contemporary workplaces scenarios.


Bringing a wide range of experiences, skills and qualifications with them, knowhedge consultants are available on a Project basis to help your company manage new exponential technologies, achieve better people performance in men-machine settings and manage machine intelligence at best, without the fear of singularity whilst entering the uncanny valley of robotic automation. 

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